Hake Metal; is a strong candidate to be the market leader in Laser cutting, bending and welding with more than 15 years of experience in industry. Working with 3 Trumpf laser cutting machines, 3 Trumpf Bending machines in 2000 sqm. closed area. Our new upcoming Trumpf Fiber Laser ( available at June-2013 ) cutting machine will help us cutting materials such as Brass, Cupper , Nickel and such non-ferric metals and materials. Our Bending department has 3 Trumpf Bending machines, where, we can bend 4 meters long parts with a maximum thickness of 12mm for structural steels.
Our Metal Forming department has 2 hydrolic presses and 2 High Speed Mechanical presses. Our Welding Department has welding processes, including TIG/MIG, welding not only Structural steels but also Stainless Steel, Raw and High Tech Aluminum and also Brass Materials. Hake is managed by our own Erp system with our Quality system, providing best customer satisfaction and quality goods to market.

Date Action Personnel QQ Personel
November 2006 1 Trumpf Cnc Laser Cutting Machine 5 1
2008 Trumpf Cnc Laser + Moving to 600 sqmWorkshop 11 1
2009 2 Büküm makinası, 1 Hydrolic + 1 Mechanical Press 25 2
2010 Opening the Welding Department with 8 Welding Stations 32 2
2011 ning the new Workshop For Bending+Welding Departments 42 3
2012 1 more Trumpf Laser + 2 Trumpf Bending Machines 42 3
May 2013Moving to A bigger Workshop 2000sqm + 1 Trumpf Fiber
Laser Cutting Machine
45 3
July 2013 1 Trumpf Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 45+ 5

In order to achieve the higher production rates with the best Customer Satisfaction, we are continuosly increasing our empleyee and also continuosly increasing the QQ Stuff.

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