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Hake Metal is a full service product and solutions provider of precision machining to a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Military and Material Handling.

With our 5 Axis capabilities and Swiss Lathe technology we’re capable of providing our customers with Lights-Out production of custom parts at a consistent cost based upon engineered drawings and quality control specifications.

Our Capabilities

  1. Robotic – Hi-volume lights-out manufacturing
  2. CNC milling
  3. Specialty coating & metal finishing
  4. Metrology
  5. Additional capabilities

Our Team

Metal Fabrication

We are a highly skilled team with years of engineering and design experience. Our goal is to surpass your expectations!

Just call us and you’ll get highest quality service.

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and stairs types

Award Winning Service

Our customer is satisfied with service we provide, and with the sales, manufacturing, delivery, etc.

Our Approach

We believe that quality of our relationship with our clients is more important than the number of customers

Smart Technology

Pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of factory tools & machinery

Team Of Professionals

As the employees of Fabrico we’re ultimately responsible for every facet of the business

Certified Installers

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Quality Materials

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how we help clients in risk

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We are on the way to become one of the leaders in the metal processing industry, with our experienced staff of more than 20 years, our state-of-the-art laser cutting, bending machines and certified welding workshop.

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